Contract Negotiation 

In our years of experience, we have gained understanding of the marketplace which has enabled us to negotiate accurate contracts with market leading structures for our clients. We understand the importance of planning, research and achieving in order to negotiate the best contracts in the market.  

Signing Contract

Financial Management

You’re more than an athlete, you’re the CEO of you. It’s not just about managing money and watching markets. It’s arming you with the right partners and guidance to make smart decisions, build a foundation, and protect yourself. This is why ISM has partnered with Marcus Etchegary and the RBC Sports Professionals Division. Acting as an extension of our offering, RBC provides our clients with integrated financial services and education designed to keep your focus on the ice.  


 Marketing and Endorsements

In the new age of sports, we help our clients create their own brands. We grow these brands through the perfect mix of endorsement partners, marketing deals and creating long term value on both during and after their playing career.  

More than your Agent

The most crucial thing to us at ISM is having our client's full trust. With our goal to provide the best services in the market, we make sure our clients can lean on us at all times, whether on or off the ice.